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World Class Gas Mixing and Gas Analysis Solutions

Thermco is the world leader in manufacturing gas mixing systems and gas analyzers for welding shield gases, furnace atmospheres, food packaging, leak detection and many other specialty applications. Thermco has over 45 years of experience in producing custom gas mixers that encompass a wide variety of gases, pressures, accuracy specifications and construction materials. We excel at customized gas mixing solutions that meet specific industry needs.

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Documented Quality

All gas analyzers produced by Thermco are shipped with a Certificate of Calibration. This includes stand-alone analyzers and those installed in gas mixers. Each gas mixer is subjected to comprehensive inspection that includes flow testing for a minimum of 24 hours using the specified gases and pressure conditions.

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Thermco Support After the Sale

Providing long term support to our customers is essential to our success and the success of our customer. Thermco maintains a team of technicians who can provide telephone, email and on-site service for gas mixers and gas analyzers. Thermco also provides intensive hands-on training seminars on a regular basis so customers learn about the latest skills on maintaining and installing Thermco equipment.